Achieving Your Goals

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Achieving your goals  is not just a physical thing. In order to even begin setting goals, first you must be mentally stable. To elaborate on that, I meant to have a clear mind. You will most likely set unattainable goals if you are not in the right mindset. One good way to clear your mind will be to go far from your familiar surroundings. No, I’m not saying if you live in Atlanta to go to California. What I am saying is don’t do it at home, or places you are used to. I also wouldn’t recommend the library because you might end up killing yourself with boredom.

So where can you go then? Well I would suggest something like a public park, have a solitary lunch with a notepad (you’d be surprise the power of food). If you do decide to have a solitary lunch, try to go places that are not too crowded with too much distractions. So what I’m saying is, you don’t want to be too distracted, neither too bored that you fall asleep. If you have question about environment that could fit, feel free to contact me. Also if the goal you are setting involves another person, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring them along with you. When you get to your destination, you should block unnecessary distraction or anything that can lead you astray from thinking straight.

What’s next after a clear head to achieving your goals?

What you should do is visualize yourself attaining your goal. While doing so, think of the steps it will take to get there. You want to be able to see yourself reaching that goal, doing whatever it is that you setting up your goals for. If you can’t see yourself attaining that goal, I can already tell you that you are wasting your time. As you visualizing yourself reaching that goal, once there, you need to trace back.

What is tracing back? By tracing back I mean to think backward from the time you reach your goal to where you are now. Why is this even important? This is important because these are the steps (in between) that you will need to take in order to reach that goal you are trying to achieve. As you doing so, do not limit yourself! Limiting yourself will cause doubt and lack of confidence. Achieving goals 99% of the time is not by chance. It’s by hardworking! You can’t work hard if you doubt yourself, now can you? Well let’s not doubt ourselves.

Next, create a plan! So this step involves, writing down what it will take to achieve your goal (remember what I said, do not limit yourself) because in order to succeed, your will to succeed must be greater than your fear to fail. You don’t want to be a failure do you?

Hey by the way, don’t let procrastination creep up on you. You will be surprise how fast procrastination can creep up on you. So, how do you stay away from procrastination? Well that’s why in the steps involving creating your plan, you must write down people you want to be around and also people you want to be around you. To tell you the truth, some people are dream crusher! So you must stay away from those types of people.

Last but not least, put your plan in motion. One major thing in putting your plan in motion is to network, meet/converse/seek people who have attain that goal or are mentors in helping other people achieving their goal. Your network will be your strongest link in achieving your goal.

Just remember, the only limit you have is the limit you put on yourself….SO DON’T LIMIT YOURSELF!

“Laziness is sickness to success.” ~Jonathan Celestin

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