How Badly Do You Want Success?

How Badly Do You Want Success?

How Badly Do You Want Success?I will start by saying that “Yes, you can be successful!” The question is  How Badly Do You Want Success? This statement I have made is not far-fetched at all. It may seem that way because you don’t have a plan in place to be successful. This is to say that, you alone are in control of how soon this success comes or whether it comes at all! The question still remains “How badly do you really want success?”

Every single person in this world wishes that they could be successful in some way. Success can mean something as simple as being able to pay the bills for some people, while others believe that success means to have wealth and power. The perception of success is not important. What matters is how badly you really want to achieve success.

If you really want success, you must take the appropriate steps to make it happen. Your efforts need to be constant and you have to maintain a level of discipline and motivation that will help you through the difficult moments in your journey. Just a friendly advice, associate yourself with people who wants the same thing for themselves. This type of positive influence will help you push through all trials.

There is one issue with success…Can you guess what it is? It’s call failure. Success and failure are like yin and yang. In a way they go hand and hand. Some of us are more fortunate to achieve success at first try, others not so fortunate. The difference in that is; those who try and have failed are more likely to appreciate their success. So when you try and fail, think of it as a badge of honor; think of it as a battle scar. It will be one of these things you look back on to reflect how far you have come from.

By now you should know how bad you want success. The key to it all is to not be afraid; not being afraid to take a leap of faith; not being afraid to fail. The key is to pickup yourself every time you fall knowing that this is the last time you will fall. Once you get up, knowing that you could feel should push you hard enough to stay up.

***Failure is not Fatal!

***Small Goals = Success

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3 thoughts on “How Badly Do You Want Success?

  1. These stuff are way harder than it seem to be. I try to stay motivated in things I do in life but sometimes, I’m ready to give up. This really help motivate me a little more. Thanks man.

  2. I guess at the end of the day, failure is not fatal (for the most part). This make me realize how bad I want success.

  3. This was very motivational. Although I agree with most of what your said, I do disagree with others. Thanks for sharing anyways. I hope others find this as helpful as I have.

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