Facebook extension error: Facebook for WooCommerce

You’re probably here because you got an error stating “Facebook extension error: Facebook for WooCommerce.” Don’t worry! This is an easy fix.

I will go straight to the point. The steps you need to take are straight forward.

  •  Go to  your Dashboard
  •  On the left panel, hover your mouse over WooCommerce; when the menu shows, click on Settings
  •  On the main screen where the WooCommerce setting is displayed, click on the Integration tab.
  •  Under the Integration tab, click on “Facebook for WooCommerce.”
  •  Click on the blue button that says “Re-configure Facebook Settings.”
  •  This will open a new window(Facebook For WooCommerce). If you are not already logged into your Facebook page, it may ask you too.
  •  On the left panel, there will be multiple options. Click on the one that says “Advanced Options.”
  •  A summary will be displayed, but at the button you need to click “Delete Settings.”
  •  After you delete the settings you can click out of the popped up window.
  •  When you go back to your WooCommerce (still under the Facebook for WooCommerce tab), you will not have the option to click on “Get Started.”
  • Click on get started and follow the prompt and you will be back up and running.

 If  you have any question, please feel free to comment and ask. If those steps really helped you, please do give it a thumbs up or comment and let me know so I can continue to post these small fixes.

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