Time Management – Broken Down

Time Management – Broken Down:

Time Management is Essential

Time Management - Broken DownIf there is one thing that we can’t afford to waste anymore, it has to be time. We have gone from counting the hours of the day, to counting the minutes and pretty soon, we will be making the seconds of the day count. This is the reason why time management is essential for those who want to remain competitive in the modern world.

Some people fail to realize that time management is not necessary watching the time and timing your every move. If you look up the definition of “time management” the first description you will see is the fact that it is a “process.” Take some times and let that synch in. Then it follows by “organizing” or “planning.” Are you still with me, here?  The next phrase that follows is the “effectiveness to manage time.” I would have used the word ‘control’ instead of manage, but to tell you the truth; we cannot control time.

Now that we broke down the meaning of time management, let us put it back together. Time Management is the process of effectively manage time, organizing/planning to complete certain goals/activities.  Do not get hung up on managing time part. The main component is the “process” and the “planning”. The reason behind that is; if you have planned properly and have the process right, the time managing part will come along.

The best way to manage your time is to create a strict work schedule and to make sure that you can also have time for yourself. It doesn’t necessarily have to be work! It can be school, exercising or anything that requires time. Hard work does need to be combined with a dose of relaxation and leisure. This is what we call rewarding yourself.  

Those who work non-stop burn themselves out very fast. Do not become one of those people who get burned out to a point where they can’t pick themselves back up. Manage your time wisely and effective.

Here’s a motivating time management quote:

“Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.” ~Sam Levenson

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1 thought on “Time Management – Broken Down

  1. Good job on breaking it down! I don’t think I will ever forget what time management means. Thanks! Keep writing!

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