Be Uncomfortable At All Times In Life

Be Uncomfortable At All Times In Life

To Be or Not To Be Uncomfortable!

Merriam-Webster defines “comfortable” as

  • affording or enjoying contentment and security;
  • affording or enjoying physical comfort;
  • free from stress or tension

But the way through life is to be uncomfortable at all times. You’re probably asking yourself, what does that mean? Why should I be uncomfortable? Well there are multiple reasons why you should be uncomfortable. As the definition says it itself; being comfortable is to afford contentment and security within your current situation. If you are not at a level where you can “afford” to be comfortable, then you should not even play with the idea of being comfortable. You should be uncomfortable at all times in life.

There are few examples that I have in mind that will help clarify the point that I am trying to make. The first point will be toward education. As most of us know, education and knowledge is one of the key to success. I’m sure some of you have heard the saying “school is not for everyone.” I do agree with that; but education, however, is for any and everyone. You must be educated in order to make the best out of life. This was not the point make or the example I was trying to provide.

Here is the example. Let’s say you have an A (100%) average in your class. This means that every assignment turned in or every test you have taken resulted in a 100% average. Fast forward, it is the last week of school. Do you agree that if you want to keep a 100% average you must remain uncomfortable? Meaning that, you have to continue to work as hard as you were at the beginning and middle of the school year. Well, this is what it means to be uncomfortable.

Be Uncomfortable At All Times In Life

Let’s take another example for the entrepreneurs. Let’s say you’ve just started a business. You’ve been putting in a lot of time into the business, and invested a lot of money. After a year, your business started booming! You start getting your return on investment (ROI). For that one year, you ended up with roughly one million dollar in profit. Would you stop doing what you are doing to get this kind of result? In other words, would you get comfortable and complacent? Or would you continue to push even hard to double that amount next year? I’m sure the answer is obvious.

When you are uncomfortable, it will make you want to strive to be better. It is a type of motivation to continue to put your best foot forward. It is the motivation to continue to grow. The very minute you get complacent and comfortable, you may find yourself in situation that you were never prepared for. In order to prevent that, you must stay uncomfortable.

As I’m talking about being uncomfortable, do not misconstrue it with being unhappy. Being happy with yourself, the skin you’re in and/or your environment is a topic of its own. Happiness, for the most part, is something that you can control to some extends. Part of controlling it is to be more proactive and less reactive to what happen to you in life. Being uncomfortable does not mean being unhappy. It means to never settle for less than the best. It means to not be lazy. No matter what your situation is, you have the power to make it better.

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