How to Fix WordPress Error ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR

If you landed on this page it means that you are having issues with your WordPress site or site similar. Every time you are working on your site, it abruptly stop working and tell you that your site cannot is not available and show the error ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR.  I was having that very same issues. After a week having to continually restart my browser each time this happen, I decided to research it.  At first, I thought it had to do with my WordPress setting or because of a new plugin I installed, but it wasn’t the case. I host my site with [eafl id=”389″ name=”SiteGround” text=”SiteGround”], and I thought it could have been a back end error on the server side, but it wasn’t the case as well.

Wordpress Error ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR - The Newest Factor

I am not sure if this also occurs in Internet explorers, but it happened as I was using Google Chrome. The error may look similar to that image above. The actually issue was the website cookies!  Here are the steps to fix this issue.

Steps to Fix the Error:

We are going to clear the chrome’s cookies and data then restart the browser. (you can skip step 1 & 2 by opening a new browser tab and type “chrome://settings/” and hit enter)

  1. Click on the Google Menu (located at the top right of the browser, usually loos like 3 vertical dots)
  2. Click on Setting
  3. Scroll all the way down and click “Advanced
  4. Under “Privacy and security”  click on “Clear browsing data – Clear history, cookies, cache, and more”
  5. On the “Clear browsing data” popup, make sure only “Cookies and other site data” is selected.
  6. For the “Time range” at the  top, select the time range based on when this issue started.  (for me I selected ‘Last 4 weeks’ since that is when it started.)
  7. Once all is check and set, click on “CLEAR DATA” 

After you completed step 7, make sure you close all your browsers. Then go back in log into your WordPress site. It shouldn’t give you that error anymore. It definitely worked for me. If you continue to have issues; put a comment below and I will follow up with you.

No more Wordpress Error ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR!



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12 thoughts on “WordPress Error ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR Fix

  1. It only seems to have started happening to me with SiteGround. When I was on GoDaddy, this did not happen. Now it happens constantly, and there is an error that continues to randomly happen to the customer’s end as well, where they cannot load the webpage. It is hard to get a screenshot from them, but when we do, it will definitely help pinpoint what they are seeing. We do have caching on the website, but even after clearing my data and all of that, the problem still pops up occasionally. It’s happening right now, which is why I’m searching, but I know it will just take some time to fix. The issue is that we don’t have customers that are going to continuously try to order from the website – they will just go somewhere else with a working website, because everything is interpreted as face value and first impression, of course.

    1. Are you using Chrome or Internet Explorer? Well with Siteground, your actual website doesn’t go down when you see that error. Your website will still be up. I think it’s something going on with Chrome. It times you out of your account. I would recommend you use IE until this issue is fix.

  2. My WordPress site has been returning ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR on Chrome browser more often these days. I had to flush my sockets every time this happens. This is happening only with my website. It doesn’t happen with any other website that I browse on my Chrome everyday.

    This started happening after I moved to Siteground and Namecheap. Siteground brushed it off as this is a Chrome error. But I’m not convinced since this error is happening only with my website. Many of my website visitors are seeing this error as well.

    Is the error completely gone after you have done those 7 steps? Do any of your website visitors ever mentioned about they seeing the same error on their Chrome browsers?

  3. Your website just returned ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR in my Chrome browser. I took a screenshot. I can send it over if you need. When I tried in Safari it came up fine. I’m assuming that this issue is not just Chrome browser, it is something to do with Chrome, WordPress and Siteground. In addition to that, I’m using Namecheap. Are you using Namecheap as well?

  4. Your website shouldn’t be down when you see that error on your browser. I do think that error is browser related. I have used Internet Explorer and haven’t gotten that error. I did test my website before for this error. I used a diff PC to go to my site and it was still up even though the error was showing on another PC. I believe that it’s probably timing us out when we are working on the site. Have you tried IE yet? I will look into that error some more this weekend and let you know what I’ve found out.

  5. I do think it has to do with SiteGround as well too. Maybe it’s the way they have their TTL setup. But I’m sure there has to be a fix.

  6. Yeah, it’s not happening in any other browsers including IE. Please let me know if you find more info.

    1. Hey! I think I found a resolution for that issue. I just need to test it some more. It involves doing some tweaking with the Chrome settings. I’ll test it today; if the error doesn’t show up then I will share the resolution with you.

  7. Hey Jonathan, thanks! But, I was finally able to resolve this issue with my website. I talked to the SiteGround tech support. They told me that this issue was happening due to “Google PageSpeed” caching module. A few months ago, they removed this caching module all together from their systems and CPanel as it was causing too many issues. One of the issues being this one. I had it enabled on my website prior to it’s removal by SiteGround. Though they removed it, it didn’t clean up itself. The cache residue that it left was causing the ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR issue. I had the tech support representative clean up my cache and I haven’t seen the issue since then. You should get in touch with them too. I see your site still returning “the page can’t be displayed”. It just did and I had to manually flush the sockets to post this comment.

    1. Great! Thanks for the heads up. I will update my post to include that resolution. I’m going to call SG to get this taking care off. Hopefully that will be the last time this happens. Thanks for the tip!

  8. Thanks Thirumal!! This was driving me crazy as I too host with Siteground and could not for the life of me find the issue, your post here saved the day! thanks again for posting 🙂

  9. You’re welcome, Matt! This drove me crazy too for several days. It’s sad that Siteground knew the issue already but did not bother to let their customers know. I’m glad that the issue with your site is fixed now.

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