World Suicide Prevention Day (9/10)

World Suicide Prevention Day

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. What does that mean? Does it mean we prevent it for just one day? No! No, we do not just want to prevent it for one day. We want to prevent it each and every day! If you do know someone who even mentions the word “suicide” to you, please call the Suicide Prevention Hotline@ 1-800-273-8255. I do understand that they confide in you to not tell anyone or share their struggle with anybody, but this is for their own good. Or if you do not want to call the prevention hotline, make sure that person is never alone until you know they are safe and mentally okay/stable.

Why do I say that? Well, people who are suffering from this type of issue mostly feel that they are alone in this world. If they confide in you, it means they trust you. The last thing you want is to feel responsible for that person taking their own life away. Be that person’s hero; help them get through the sad and hard time in their life.

I’m going to tell you a story from my past. This story, I’ve only told it to a few people. Many people in my family don’t even know this story and today I’m grateful that I am alive to share it with you. To start, I am from Haiti. I was raised there up until I was 12 years old when I moved to the Atlanta, Georgia. Well, when I was between 8-10 years old, I made a suicide attempt on my life. Think about it, I was between 8-10 years old. What is an 8-10 year old know about ending their life? Nothing, right? Well, that’s where you are wrong. There is no age limit to suicide. No, I didn’t have the best life when I was there, but I sure didn’t have the worst either.

As I recall, the reason why I made that attempt in my life is because I was being bullied at school. I didn’t tell anybody about it. I didn’t know who to tell!!! The thing is; I thought ending my life would have made it stop. One day, I took some rat poison, put it in a class of water then drunk it. How am I still alive? I do not know, but I am glad I am. God protected me. Now I’m older and thinking back, I’m realizing that it would not have been worth it. Although I would probably feel like my pain went away, but it would have caused more pain to my family and those who loves me. I would not be fulfilling my purpose in life. I would have ended the most precious thing that was given to me. For what? No good reason!

World Suicide Prevention Day

I tell you my story so that you understand the gravity of these types of situations. That is why it is always important to check on people who are close to you. I know sometimes we would ask the people we love “How are you doing?”…No, No, No…as them “How are you REALLY doing?” This small emphasis does make a huge different. It tells them that you really care. A lot of people who have others that are close to them that commit suicide always say that they didn’t know the person was going through so much. Let’s not make the same mistake. We have to make sure we know our loved ones are okay. Let’s make sure they get the help they deserve. If you don’t know what to do please call the Suicide Prevention Hotline@ 1-800-273-8255 and they can help both you and your loved ones.

Also, my heart goes out to everybody who have lost someone from the 9/11 terrorist attack. I know you are already reminiscing or reliving that moment in time; do understand that you are not alone. Your loved ones are still in our prayers. They did not deserve what happened to them.  Stay Strong! Rise Up! Stay Positive!

JUST REMEMBER….SUICIDE PREVENTION IS EVERYDAY! #WorldSuicidePreventionDay #RiseUp #CherishLife #LoveYourself

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1 thought on “World Suicide Prevention Day (9/10)

  1. My heart goes out to you for being strong to share this story. Please don’t stop sharing this because someone out there needs some hope like that. #RiseUP

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